5 Must Have Apps For Decorators

Decorating Apps

Truth is, my everyday life is filled with decor. Whether I am on set for work or at home blogging, decorating has become something that I think about constantly. Therefore, it should come as no surprise whatsoever that I like to keep some of my favorite “tools” right at my finger tips in the form of apps.

I have decided to create a list of my favorite decorating and DIY apps that I use on a daily basis, in hopes that they will prove very useful to you too!


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This one can’t possible catch you by surprise. After all, we are all guilty of clicking on this handy dandy app and getting lost in it for hours at a time. It is an amazing source when you are looking to get a bit of inspiration for your next project. With thousands of how to tutorials, tips and tricks, and quite frankly just beautiful photos available to you with just the click of a mouse, it is no wonder that Pinterest is the first stop for most DIYers.

HGTV Watch

I refuse to believe that I am the only person that gets a decorating itch after watching an episode of my favorite HGTV shows. I just can’t help, but to want to emulate what I have just seen and upgrade my own home a bit (also known as the Joanna Gaines syndrome). Also, I happen to be a bit of a sucker for the quick projects and tips that the HGTV networks tends to show during their commercial breaks. So why wouldn’t I have the app so that I know I will never miss a moment of brilliance. HGTV on the go?! There goes all productivity for me!


This is a somewhat new find for me. But, WOW! I am already in love with this app. While it is easy for me to describe my vision to another decorator and to have them understand immediately, with anyone that does not think like a decorator, it could be difficult for them to visualize what I am saying. That is exactly where this app has come in handy for me. I can spend an hour or so creating a space that has the general idea of the furniture, layout, and color palette that I have in mind and they will know exactly the look that I am going for. Simply put, Neybers eliminates all of the guessing throughout my decorating process and helps me get a better understanding of what my client likes and does not like. Talk about a perfect match!

Close 5

For the Decorators / DIYers that have luxurious taste, but not quite a luxurious budget, this app shows you anything and everything that people are currently selling in your area. Search through the furniture category and you can easily find an amazing coffee table, nightstand, or accent chair for some unbelievable prices. Some of them may need a little TLC, but since when does a DIYer shy away from a bit of a challenge. Purchased a great wooden piece that clearly needs to be sanded and then hop right over to the tool category for the sander if you do not already have one. Pretty cool huh?

Like That Decor

Have any of you ever been out and seen a piece of furniture or decor that you absolutely loved and wanted to know where you can get it yourself? I have no clue why I even asked, of course you have! But think about how amazing it would be to just take a picture of that piece of furniture or decor and know almost instantly where you can buy it or something similar to it. That is the power of this app! It is incredible. I even use it when I just need to know where I can find something at a cheaper price and it has not failed me yet. Cheers to that!

Know another great decorating apps?
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