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I received this product for free from Artmill, but all opinions are my own.

My oh my, do I have news for you guys! My fiancé and I bought a house! We are officially home owners ( insert happy dance here ). What that means for The Decor Du Jour though, is that there are TONS of Home Improvement posts coming your way. So get ready to bust out those tools and paint brushes, because here's the first one!

So, time for a pop quiz. When you're a decorator and currently in the middle of one of the most momentous years of your life ( i.e. engaged to be married, buying your first home, etc. ), what is one of the first projects you want to tackle in your new home?

Any answers?

... Bueller?

Well my answer is you find a great way to display one of your engagement photos. For us, placing one of our engagement photos on a wall of this house that we've purchased is our way of symbolically showcasing just how impactful this year has been. Now with something so meaningful ( please excuse my french ), you don't "half-ass" that kind of project. Cue an amazing art company that blows this project out of the water.


Artmill is a Chicago based art company that is changing the game. This company goes beyond the ever popular canvas photo to create a more unique and exquisite way to showcase your favorite memories in your home. The result is a brilliant and glossy display that truly wows those who see it. 

Fun fact: One of Artmill's most popular products ( and for good reason ) is their Panoramic Print. You can create beautiful artwork directly from the pictures on your iPhone or Android! Use promo code DECORDUJOUR at checkout to get 15% off your print.

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I have to admit, our print from Artmill has impressed me to no end. Artmill is known for the quality of their products, which stands out with the help of the company's experience. Artmill has a 10 year history, prior to launching their website in 2014, of servicing fine art galleries, professional photographers, and museums in Chicago, IL. The product that they produce today is a direct result of that background. In style, our photo looks straight out of a museum. In the way that it is hung, in adds depth to our wall and prompts people to ask how it was installed. 

Speaking of install...



Step-by-step Instructions of

How To Hang an Artmill Cleat Backframe Piece:

Here is ALL that I needed:

Step One: Measure, Level, Mark

If you are like me and are planning on hanging your Artmill print in the center of a wall, you will want to start out by measuring. First, I figured out where the center of our wall center was. Then, keeping in mind where the lip on the back was located from which the picture was to be hung, I figured out at what height I wanted my Artmill piece to be. Using my pencil, I marked that spot on the wall. 

Artmill Measure

Artmill Measure 2

Then I found the center of the cleat that Artmill provided and lined that up with my mark on the wall. Once lined up, I made sure my cleat was level before using my mechanical pencil to mark both holes in my cleat.

Artmill Level

Step Two: Drill Baby, Drill

Now that the locations of my screws were marked, I used my 1/8" drill bit to drill pilot holes into our wall. Next I just hammered in the drywall anchors provided by Artmill. Lastly, I lined up the cleat with the drywall anchors and screwed it into place.

Artmill Cleat

Step Three: Hang and Enjoy

All that is left is hanging your Artmill print. It really could not be easier. Just line up the cleat you just installed with the lip provided on the back of your artwork and.... VOILA! Double check that it is level and you are all done. It kind of blows me away that something so easy to install can look so elegant, but I love people's reactions when they first see it. Our engagement photo is such a conversation starter now!

Artmill Promo 4
Artmill Promo 3

Loving Artmill just as much as I am?

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Happy Decorating

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