Product Review: Avalon Bay EcoWash Portable Washer

Portable Washer

I received this product for free from New Air, but all opinions are my own.

We all know that I am a bit obsessed with throw pillows ( My name is Victoria and I am addicted to pretty, soft things that add color to my home ). My poor fiancé has to deal with the fact that our "linen" closet is now filled to the brim with throw pillow covers for every season ( a girl's got to have options ).

What you probably don't know though, is my cleaning routine for the many pillow covers I own. Some have intricate details on them and I would hate for them to fall apart in the washing machine. I could hand wash them all, but let's be honest... who has time for that?!

My solution?

The Avalon Bay EcoWash Portable Washer

This portable washer is incredibly easy to use. You simply place it on the edge of a sink or a tub, add your dirty clothes, add water ( there is a chart that comes with your portable washer to let you know how much water you should use for each load ), add your detergent ( it will be a lot less than you typically use ), seal the top, and crank the lever on the side.

Portable Washer


Portable Washer

Want more instruction than that? Take a peek at the video below. She does a much better job explaining than I do.

This portable washer is perfect for the many delicate items I have acquired as a Decorator and Home Stager; throw pillow covers, sheer curtains, certain throw blankets, and cloth napkins among many others.

The Avalon Bay EcoWash Portable Washer can come in handy for anyone though, not just Decorators and Home Stagers.

Planning on going camping anytime soon? Think about how convenient it would be to pull out your new portable washer and clean your camping clothes without even needing power to do it... just water and detergent. Ladies, we all know we have delicate pieces of clothing that would be the perfect use for this portable washer. Basically, no more worrying about our lacy items getting shredding in a washing machine. This portable washer can even give you a way to wash your clothing when you are traveling and staying in a hotel. Think about how much less you will need to pack for your trips when you can just wash your clothes and wear them again.

Dying to own your very own Avalon Bay EcoWash Portable Washer? You are in luck! New Air is giving my readers 15% off their portable washer until May 31st, 2017 using promo code ECODEAL. Enjoy!




Portable Washer

Have other great uses for this portable washer?

Share your ideas in the comments below, I'd love to hear them!

Happy Decorating

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