Feed Your Fixer Upper Addiction #4

Who here thinks it has been too long since my last Fixer Upper post?  I certainly do! But not to worry, of course I have been watching relentlessly ( solely for blogging purposes obviously ). Anyways, I have stumbled upon an episode of Fixer Upper that I think to be quite unique and I just had to write about it!

It is Season 2 Episode 9 and let me tell you why I am obsessed with it. Joanna Gaines steps out of her beautifully rustic and ship lap filled comfort zone and instead takes it back old school. Mid-century to be exact. Seeing as how her own husband called her “Miss Farm and Ranch” I was excited to see Joanna take on the straight angled character that Mid-century Modern style is known for. After all, the style has also been coined Geometric Modern. However, when thinking of the similarities between Joanna’s style and Mid-century Modern ( i.e. integrating exterior and interior, the use of mixed materials like wood and metals, and open and flowing floor plans ) Miss Farm and Ranch was bound to nail this one!

Now, let’s get started on “Feed Your Fixer Upper Addiction #4”!

Feed Your Fixer Upper Addiction #4

1. Let There Be Light!

What is so perfect about this chandelier is that it is simply right for the space and complements the room well. It screams modern and in such an elegant way. So I set out to find one just like it. I did not find an exact match, but did find two great options. One of which is just as simple and elegant, and one of which has that perfect modern twist.



This chandelier from Amazon is “simply modern” personified. It is bound to complete any space.




Screenshot 2016-08-02 14.48.02



While this chandelier from Wayfair has the sharp angles that this Mid-century Modern room is craving.






2. Have A Seat!

If you know Mid-century Modern furniture, you know that structure was a key characteristic. The chairs that Joanna has chosen to place in this home definitely have that characteristic working for them. Here are the closest matches that I was able to track down.

Screenshot 2016-08-02 15.39.02




This chair from Wayfair is an extremely close match and is just waiting to have the same effect on your home.


Screenshot 2016-08-02 15.51.04



This chair from Wayfair does not come quite as close, but it would be inviting in an space while the structure is still adding to the modern vibes.






3. The Perfect Coffee Table!

With the picture of the room, you unfortunately cannot see the coffee table all too well. So I wanted to include a picture of that table so you can see it in all of its beauty. What I love about the table is the wonderful mix of materials, wood and metal, especially since it is a characteristic of the Mid-century Modern style. Here are two options that are also perfectly mixed in materials.

Screenshot 2016-08-02 16.32.01


This coffee table from Wayfair has all of that working for it, plus the geometric shapes add a fun twist to the Modern aesthetic.
Screenshot 2016-08-02 16.42.48





This table from Wayfair has a bit of a different feel to it, but the wood is so beautiful that I could not pass up telling you all about it!







4. The End Table To End All Tables!

This end table is bound to be a conversation starter no matter what style of room you are attempting to decorate. I could imagine that it would go well with any style, but considering that the Mid-century Modern style is known to invite the outdoors in it seems pretty well placed here.

Screenshot 2016-08-02 17.10.41



And what is better than the table that Joanna Gaines used? How about an exact match! Had to hunt this one down from Wayfair.




5. A Vase Of Course!

The vases Joanna used in this room are just stunning. And try as I may I could not find them anywhere. So instead I tried to find a good substitute. I luckily found two!

Screenshot 2016-08-02 17.56.01



This vase from Wayfair has the same simplicity that the original was able to achieve.





Screenshot 2016-08-02 18.17.19




These vases from Wayfair do not quite have that same elegance, but I love that they come as a set. You can spread them out and bring an entire room together.





Now you have some pretty key piece to take your home back a few decades and accomplish this Mid-century Modern look!



Hope you enjoyed Feed Your Fixer Upper Addiction #4! Leave your thoughts in the comments, because I would love to read them!

Happy Decorating

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