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Almost every time I am DIYing or writing a blog post, HGTV’s Fixer Upper is playing in the background ( Fun Fact: Fixer Upper is playing on my tv even as I am writing this! ). Long story short, it is safe to say that I am completely obsessed with this show. I tend to emulate what I watch on HGTV and I am always curious to know where I can find the beautiful furniture and decor pieces that Joanna Gaines decorates with, or items that are similar. It is only natural that I have decided to start writing about my new favorite show in the form of a “Shop The Look” post. Now we can all feed our Fixer Upper addictions ( and man is it a fun addiction to have ).

Let’s get started and take it back to the beginning! You can find this space in Season 1 Episode 4.

Shop The Look Fixer Upper Edition

1. Can’t Keep My Eyes Off Of That Gorgeous Couch!

I really love that couch and how it brings the room together as a statement piece. I am not sure if it is the beautiful, bold color or if it is the touch of stenciling that brings out the clean structure of the couch. Yet, whatever it is that makes it a wow piece, I have found a couple of options to suit whichever of these needs you are looking for. One loveseat fulfills your need for structured stenciling without a doubt. While the other has a color that will make a statement ( and can’t forget about that great price! )

Coronado Loveseat @ Home Cinema Center$620

Transitional Loveseat @ Amazon$473

2. Ode To Throw Pillows

I was actually able to hunt down the exact matches at Wayfair.com for the pillows used in the space shown above. Yet, my frugal mind could not help, but to also find a cheaper option that is pretty similar.

Tropical Throw Pillow @ Wayfair$32

Sterling Throw Pillow @ Wayfair$45

Floral Throw Pillow CoverĀ  @ Amazon$11

3. How About A Coffee Table For That Mug?

It is safe to say that a coffee table has the ability to complete a living space and the exact same can be said for this beauty. There are a couple of things that could appeal to you with this table. Firstly, the unique planking on the lower shelf catches your eye. Secondly, the look and finish of the natural would could take your breath away. Here are two options for you to get either look!

Oakley Coffee Table @ Amazon$182

Bedford Cocktail Table @ Amazon$238


4. An Accent Chair To Wow You!

First of all, the color of these accent chairs would be enough for me to exclaim “I love those!”. Add the style of them and the nail head trim and I might just scream from the excitement ( can you tell that I love them? ). Below are two options that I tracked down that have a great style and that standout nailhead trim. Still on the hunt for an exact match for these chairs ( I may just have to buy one myself! ).

Evan Chair @ Wayfair$350

Tufted Side Chair @ Amazon$245


5. Let There Be Candlesticks!

Now, I know that Joanna Gaines ( aka my spirit animal ) probably found these cute candlesticks in an adorable antique shop or made them herself ( because she is superwoman ), but I really liked the touch of color that they brought to the space. I found this set of candlesticks that you can buy in varying heights and I had to share them!

Teal Candlesticks @ Amazon$20

And there you have it! You now have all it would take to make your very own Fixer Upper inspired space!

Have another episode in mind that you would love for me to breakdown?
Tell me in the comments and I will get right to work!

Happy Decorating

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