Feed Your Fixer Upper Addiction #2

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Starting this post off with a fun fact… Fixer Upper is once again on my TV while I am writing this post ( what else is new? ). Well, the first ever Feed Your ‘Fixer Upper’ Addiction post was a huge hit! And honestly, it really should not have taken me by such surprise. Fixer Upper is an amazing show and with such a huge following, it is no wonder that fans of the show loved seeing how they could shop one of the show’s looks. That being said, why not do a Feed Your Fixer Upper Addiction #2 and make these posts a regular thing. So stay on the look out for more!

For Feed Your Fixer Upper Addiction #2 we will be shopping the look of a living room seen on HGTV’s Fixer Upper Season 1 Episode 6.

Feed Your Fixer Upper Addiction #2

1. First Up, A Statement Of A Couch!

This couch truly does catch the eye within this space. The cream color of the cushions is accented so perfectly with the dark wood of the frame. Of all the items in this living room, the couch was the one thing that I spent the most time trying to find a match for. To be honest, just any old cream colored couch would not have covered it. I knew I needed to find as close a match as possible. And boy did I with this almost exact match!

Bristol 3 Seat Sofa @ Wayfair.com for $1,740

2. Never Underestimate The Leather Chair!

I definitely spent some time trying to find a quality match for this leather chair as well. I wanted to incorporate that rich shade of brown while also keeping the structure of this chair in mind. What I ended up finding was two different chairs that each had one of those characteristics.

Richly Colored Leather Chair @ Wayfair.com for $959


Structured And Cost Effective Leather Chair @ Amazon.com for $246

3. My Oh My That Coffee Table!

I think what really makes this coffee table so stunning is the varying grains and colors of woods. You definitely do not see that very often and I really wish that I could have found an exact match for this table. Lord knows I probably would have bought one for my own home! Here are the options I was able to find that I think could give a very similar feel to your living room.

Wine Country Coffee Table @ Wayfair.com for $650


Bedford Cocktail Table @ Amazon.com for $202

4. Throw Pillows Of Course!

No surprise here that I could not leave out throw pillows. The geometric patterns on these are great! So I hunted down just a few options, from close match to inexpensive, that should give your couch the same look.

Ezra Tile Throw Pillow @ Wayfair.com for $67


Sanders Cotton Throw Pillow @ Wayfair.com for $34

Gold Foil Geometric Throw Pillow @ Amazon.com for $15

5. Last But Not Least, Accent Wall Mirror!

With everyone choosing to utilize the wall space above their mantle with a large flat screen TV lately, it is easy to appreciate that Joanna Gaines ( aka my decor guru ) never does. Instead, here she has chosen to bring out the character of that gorgeous fireplace and mantle with an accent wall mirror and I love it! I did not find any exact matches, but what I did find were a couple of alternate mirror shapes that I think could bring out character on any mantle.

Windsor Wall Mirror @ Wayfair.com for $142

Gothic Wall Mirror @ Amazon.com for $98

And there you have it! You now have all the information you would need to bring this space from your favorite HGTV show to life in your own living room!

Have an absolute favorite Fixer Upper episode?
Tell me which one it is in the comments below and I will try and do a Shop The Look!

Happy Decorating

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