Feed Your Fixer Upper Addiction #3

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I think it is safe to say that these “Feed Your Fixer Upper Addiction” posts are becoming some of my favorite blog posts to write. There really is not much that a Decorator could love more than getting to break down a space, piece by piece, and spending hours researching some adorable furniture and decor. So I hope that you all enjoy these posts just as much as I do and it is not all in my mind that others are obsessed with Fixer Upper too ( fingers crossed ).

Well, sit back and get ready for a good one! For Feed Your Fixer Upper Addiction #3 we are breaking down the living room seen in Season 1 Episode 3. Let’s get started!

Fixer Upper Addiction #3

1. A Couch After My Own Heart!

There are two details about this couch that has me wanting to just trade in my own. First of all, the plushness (  is that a word? ) of those cushions are just asking to be sat on! I just cannot deny that this couch look so incredibly comfortable. Second of all, that color! It is the absolute perfect blend of grey and brown to give it that warm and neutral tone that could work in any living space. Here are some options to give your space the same feel, click on either image for more details!

This couch from Wayfair accomplishes both of the key details beautifully. So inviting and a beautiful, warm color to compliment your room.






While this couch from Amazon is just too lush to possibly be ignored. The color may not be quite right, but to say that it looks inviting and comfortable is a complete understatement.

2. Have A Seat!

I have to say that this chair is pretty unique looking, and when I began searching for it I thought for sure I would need to just find substitutes that would accomplish the same feel. Somehow, someway and to my utter delight, I hunted down an exact match! And a couple of substitutes as well, just in case (currently patting myself on the shoulder ). Click on each image for more information.

Here is the exact match from Wayfair!

This leather chair from Amazon has richly colored leather and its equally unique shape makes it a statement piece too.

3. Barnwood Meets Table

I hope we can all agree that this coffee table has a great natural barnwood look to it ( and man! is it cute ). Add the metal frame and this table is the perfect combination of rustic and industrial. Click the images for more information.

The best rustic / industrial match that I was able to hunt down is this coffee table from Amazon. So glad I found this gem!

This table from Wayfair has a geometric pattern that is sure to catch your eye. 

4. A Statement Of A Rug

The rug pictured above does wonders to the living room. Not only does it add a ton of warmth to the space, but notice that the room was lacking in patterns otherwise. That lack of pattern made it possible to include this rug and not make the room feel like there is too much going on. It is a well thought out balance. Here are some rugs for you to add a bit of umph to your otherwise pattern-less spaces. Click the images for more details.

This rug from Wayfair checks off both adding warmth and pattern to any room!

While this rug from Amazon has a stunning pattern that is destined to be a conversation starter.

5. Strikingly Colorful Side Chair

I love the way that the metal chairs against the wall add the pop of color to a room just filled with warm neutrals! I loved it so much that I hunted down the exact match, down to the distressing! Click the image for more information.

The match is just waiting for you on Amazon.

6. See Right Through That Lamp!

I find it interesting how much these table lamps elegantly add to the room in spite of them being completely clear. And what I love about them even more is the slight texture of the clear base. The texture is a bit difficult to see in the picture above, but upon further examination it is definitely there. So now the question is where the heck can I get one ( or two )?! Here are some close matches, click the images for more information.

This table lamp from Amazon accomplishes both the opacity of the base as well as a light texture. It just does not get much better than that!

No texture here, but this lamp from Wayfair pretty closely nails the shape of the lamp shown above.


7. Step Up On This Ladder!

I mentioned in a recent post, How To Decorate Like ‘Because I Said So’, that I have been in love with the towel ladder trend that has come out full force. Here is yet another example of why I love this trend. Why the heck would you not store your throw blankets on one of these beautiful accent pieces and make it incredibly functional as well as decorative. Love it! Here is a pretty comparable option for the one pictured above!

This ladder from Amazon even comes in two size options, 4 ft and 6 ft, to suit your needs. What more can you ask for?!

And now you are ready to make your own version of this warm, cozy, and beautiful space! Hope you enjoyed ‘Feed Your Fixer Upper Addiction #3’. Seems like the perfect excuse to convince yourself that Joanna Gaines has graced your home personally!

Have another episode in mind that you just can’t wait for me to breakdown?
Tell me about it in the comments and I’ll have you ready to purchase furniture and decorating ASAP!

Happy Decorating

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