Guest Post: DIY Holiday Candles

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My name is Kristina & I run a cute little business called Love Struck Creations! At Love Struck, I create one of a kind, handmade designs including T-shirt quilts, party decorations, wedding gifts, mugs, tumblers, ring dishes and TONS more! I also blog about my new products, any thoughts that go through my mind, my favorite recipes and of course DIY projects!

Today I’m really excited to bring you a fun holiday candle tutorial. What I love about this is it’s something really anybody can do & they make great gifts. I’ve made candles before & this time around, decided to try out some different methods & test out created colored wax. So here we go!


DIY Holiday Candles

Here’s what you will need:

  • Glass jars of your liking
  • Paraffin Wax blocks (1lb each)
  • Wicks
  • Candle friendly scent
  • Candle friendly wax dye
  • Rubber Bands
  • Pot & Metal bowl
  • Knife & cutting board (optional)

First Part

Making Your Holiday Candles

Step 1: Begin to melt your wax

First, if you feel comfortable, get a knife & cutting board to cut your block of wax. I found that breaking up the block of wax into smaller blocks, it’ll melt much faster. But it does require a lot of patience to cut it, so if you don’t feel comfortable- skip it! You’re going to use a double boil system! So grab your pot & fill it about halfway with water then place your metal bowl on top. Start with ⅓ of the wax in the metal bowl if you cut it in chunks. Turn the stove up to medium low heat. As the chunks begin to melt- keep adding more consistently. You can stir it around as needed too.

DIY Holiday Candles

Step 2: Prep your holiday candles

While your wax is melting ( ps. Don’t leave it unattended ), you’re going to get your wick ready. Take your glass jar, wick and rubber bands. Put your wick in the jar & grab your rubber bands and put one around the jar so that one side of the rubber band is next to the wick. Do the same with the second rubber band on the other side so that they’re parallel. You’re going to want them to be pretty close to the wick so it’s secured. That way when you pour the wax it, they’ll keep your wick in place.

DIY Holiday Candles

Step 3: Adding dye and scent

When your wax is completely melted, it’s time to add your dye! The wax dye is quite concentrated so you don’t need much. Break up the dye & add it into the melted wax while keeping the stove on low. It’ll melt & you’ll see that the wax is now dyed! When it’s melted, add some of the scent you chose! You don’t need a ton, I usually stop when I can smell the scent from whiffing the wax.

Step 4: Pouring

Now is the tricky part: pouring the wax! I tend to make a mess- but the great thing is that it’s always an easy cleanup. Grab oven mitts & pick up the metal bowl (you can turn off the stove at this point). Pour the wax slowly into your jar. You’re going to want to stop pouring before the wax touches the rubber bands because that will cause some issues later on. Then you’re going to leave it untouched! If you don’t have to move the jar, don’t. The less it moves the better it’ll set. It does take some time to set, so you’re going to leave it be. When you put your hands on the jar & it’s completely cooled then you’re good for the next phase!



Second Part

Customizing Your Holiday Candles

What you’ll need for Santa Holiday Candles:

  • Felt- Red & Black
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

This one is super fun & it’s actually pretty quick and easy!

First, you’re going to cut your felt pieces. I measured out my red piece of felt to be 2 inches wide. Then my black piece of felt to be 1 inch wide. Make sure to cut the length based on your candle jar. If it’s a little short around, that’s fine because you’re going to cover one part with the belt buckle! When you cut these, you’re going to glue them together & let them dry.

While that’s setting, you’re going to cut the squares. The red square is 2.5 inches all around where the black one is 1.5 inches all around. I chose to cut out the middle of my black square but you don’t have to! Glue the black square on top of red one. While that’s drying it’s time to glue on the long strips onto the jar. Simply glue down the long piece onto the jar. You might have to hold it there so it doesn’t slide for a minute or 2. Then, glue on the buckle piece. You’re going to glue it over the seam of the long piece or where there might be some extra space where the glass is showing. Once you do that, let it dry & you’re ready!

DIY Holiday Candles

DIY Holiday Candles


What you’ll need for Glittery Holiday Candles:

  • Glue
  • Glitter (2 kinds)
  • Paint Brush
  • Paper Plate

I like this one because it’s really easy, but it gives the jar a fun frosted look.

For this, you need some glue that will dry clear (Elmers glue works fine or Mod Podge), and glitter of your choosing. I used 2 glitters- one extra fine gold one and one larger white one. Pour some glue onto a paper plate (depending on how large your jar is will depend on how much mixture you need). Then mix in equal parts of your 2 glitters into the glue. Then, simply paint on in even lines up & down onto the jar. The white glitter gives a cool frosted look to the jar which is perfect for the winter! Then you’re going to let it completely dry & it’s ready!

DIY Holiday Candles

DIY Holiday Candles

Thanks for checking out this fun holiday craft! I hope you enjoy creating holiday candles and making them your own. They’re going to make such great gifts or make cute holiday decor for the office or for your home!

I hope you check us out too for other DIY tutorials and to do some shopping! Or visit our social media pages to stay in tune with what’s going on!


DIY Holiday Candles

Love the way the Holiday Candles turned out?

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