How To Decorate Like ‘Because I Said So’

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Anyone else here absolutely adore the film “Because I Said So”?

This movie is just too cute and I have probably watched it far too many times ( if that is even possible ). One of my favorite things about the film is the care and the attention to detail that so clearly went into decorating each character’s home. From the similarity of Daphne and Milly’s kitchens due to their likeness in personality and taste, to the crisp clean lines of Jason, the architect’s home, to even the liveliness within Johnny’s home pointing towards the fact that a child lives in the space as well. There are so many furniture and decorative details on each of these sets that I could not help but to fall in love with. So I have hunted down a few of them and similar items so that all of us fans can shop the look of the sets from this endearing romantic comedy.

Let’s start with Daphne’s kitchen.

We first see part of this set very early on in the film and what has caught my meticulous eye is the lovely way that her colorful china has been stored and displayed. Here are a few options if you would like to bring your polka dotted Daphne vibe to life with your own dishes.

1. Her Teal Fruit Bowl

I was not able to find an exact match, but here are a couple of options that match that pretty color to perfection:

This one is priced at $11

And this option is priced at $35

2. Yellow Cake Stand

I found this almost exact cake stand for $14

3. Yellow Ceramic Pitcher

This oh-so-Daphne pitcher ( thanks to those cute polka dots ) is just $20

4. Decorative Plates

No exact matches here, but I’ve found a few different plates that together could achieve the same vibe.

These two solid colored plates are just $9

This decorative yellow option is priced at $18

While this one is priced at $12

My favorite of the teal options priced at $44 ( clearly I have expensive taste… sigh )

While this lovely option is just $21

Or you can go for this entire set for just $30

5. Teal Teapot

I found this cute option for just $23 and there are several different color options so you can find the best one for your kitchen!

Later in Because I Said So, we get to see Daphne’s kitchen from a whole new angle and the first thing that I noticed? Those stools!

6. Metal Stools

I found the exact match for $59

I also found this cheaper option for $35

7. Orange Vase

This colorful set includes a very similar orange vase

8. Shakers

These shakers screamed Daphne and I just could not resist

Of course, we can’t forget Daphne’s oh-so-functional living room and office space.

1. Her Wooden Desk

This desk with a great lacquer finish is priced at $405

While this less expensive option is just $107

2. Table Lamp

This equally bulbous option is just $25

3. Round Ottoman

The ottoman in Daphne’s living room acts as such a cute finishing touch to the space. These two options should do the same for your office or living space.

This literary ottoman covered in Shakespeare quotes is $130

This floral ottoman is priced at $156

4. Small Teal Vase to add just a touch of color.

This comparably detailed vase is priced at $18

While this similarly sized vase is just $7

As I mentioned before, Jason’s home comes across very crisp and clean, structured even. There was not a long enough moment shown throughout Because I Said So of his living space to truly fall in love with much of the furniture or decor within his home. Yet, of course I still found one thing that I am completely obsessed within Jason’s Bathroom. Towel ladders have been a huge trend as of late, and this was my excuse to track one down and see just how much it would cost for me to get one.

1. A Towel Ladder

I found this similar dark wood option for $35

Onto the next set, Johnny’s kitchen. Like I said before you can really see the liveliness within Johnny’s kitchen and its “lived in” nature tells you that a child lives in the home. Even if you don’t have children living in your home, there are pieces of furniture in Johnny’s kitchen that could stand out in any kitchen.

1. Kitchen Island / Cart

This drop leaf cart is incredibly similar to Johnny’s and is priced at $155

Or go for this more affordable option for $99

2. Wooden Stool ( you can use it as a plant stand! )

This two step stool is priced at $41

3. Open Spice Rack

This wall mounted spice shelf is just $20

Now for my favorite of all of the sets, Milly’s living room! Her personality just shines through and one of my favorite scenes of Because I Said So involves Milly and her mother stopping mid argument to move furniture and re-arrange her entire living room ( My mother and I probably would have done the same. After all, decorating comes first! ). Here are the items to shop this look.

1. Burgundy, Tufted Couch

I was not able to find a couch that was both tufted and this beautiful shade of burgundy, but here are options that each have one of those details.

This perfectly tufted loveseat is priced at $699

While this richly colored sofa is just $491


2. Striped Armchair such a cute accent to the room!

This closely matched armchair is priced at $254

3. Area Rug ( still looking for an amazing match for this )

The best option I was able to find is priced at $71

I also found this colorful rug for $226

4. Round Coffee Table

Neither of these two options are quite so beautifully distressed as the one in Milly’s living room. Yet, they would both make for a nice central touch to the space.

This uniquely structured table is priced at $151

While this simple option can be purchased for just $122

Absolutely can’t ignore the quick glimpse we get of Milly’s ottoman! I was able to track down a similarly structured ottoman with several color choices ( unfortunately not in this rich orange though )

5. Turned Legged Ottoman

This tufted beauty can be purchased for $312

This cute table lamp deserved an image all on it’s own! Since I could not find an exact match for this lamp, I struggled to narrow it down to just one or two options. So why not include them all? Here are five extremely cute options that are similar in either shape or color, but not both.

6. Orb Table Lamp

For those obsessed with that mint green color, this option is $122

These three lamps each have a very similar orb shape and they are priced ( in order ) at $102, $149, and $199. Click on the image of the one that catches your eye to to see the price for yourself.

Of course I would not be me if I did not include throw pillow options at least once in this post!

7. Throw Pillows

This round throw pillow is $18 and super cute

This striped pillow is priced at $15

While this striped pillow  can be purchase for $13

Last, but definitely not least, these two solid colored pillow options can be found for just under $10.

8. Floor Lamp

This similar option included in a set is priced at $80

9. Teal Glass Vase

This beautiful two toned vase is $66

Or you can get this glass vase for just $36

Now you have everything that you would need to emulate the well styled sets of this romantic comedy! Let your ‘Because I Said So’ style free!

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Happy Decorating

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