Not Quite Cutting It: A Tool Review

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Not Quite Cutting It: A Tool Review

Until recently, I had been getting all of my wood cut for me at Home Depot. A nice option, if I am being honest, but not so convenient when you are a perfectionist like me and tend to measure three times before cutting and still second guess once the cut has been made ( yay for OCD ). Anyways, it started to become more and more clear that I would soon need to invest in my own saw. Keyword being invest, of course, considering I was not looking forward to spending an arm and a leg for a new tool.

This fear of investing combined with my need for portable tools, since as a freelancer I am constantly going from one project to the next all over Los Angeles, is what led me to purchase a Ryobi One+ 18 Volt 7 1/4″ Cordless Miter Saw with Laser. ( Sounds fancy right?! )

Here comes the tool review!


The saw’s compact size! I may think I am just the toughest cookie there is, but being able to just carry this saw with ease and not worry about it being too heavy for me is a definite plus.

It is cordless! As I mentioned before, portability in my tools tends to be pretty key for work in the Film Industry. When I am working in a closed studio set, I would prefer not to wind up spending my time hunting down an outlet that is real and not a prop just to plug in my saw and get to work. Instead, this saw made it possible to just pop in a battery and get the job done.


That compact size may just be too small. Unfortunately, I need a saw that has cutting capabilities larger than just 2″ x 4″ studs. This saw cut well, but only on smaller pieces of wood. If I tried to cut any wider than 4″ the blade completely stalled out. Beyond annoying, trust me.

Not everything should be cordless. So when I finally was done being frustrated over the blade stalling on larger wood…. the battery died! Annoyed was an understatement at this point and it was this moment that I cursed all things cordless. Portability is great, just maybe not for a saw.

At this point, you are probably thinking “Did I just read that right?! Her Pros are also her Cons?” YUP! The very reasons why I thought I would love this tool were also the reasons for me to quickly pack this saw right back into the box and return it to the place I got it. Don’t get me wrong though, if you are looking for something that will only need to cut through smaller wood then this saw could be perfect for you. It just was not right for me and the work that I do. I decided that this was one investment that I could not avoid splurging on.

My new saw of choice? A Craftsman 10″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw and I purchased it on sale from Sears for $239.

The specs listed on the box alone was enough to have me a little weak in the knees. The sliding aspect of this saw made it possible to cut pieces of wood up to 12 1/2″ wide! OVER A FOOT?! That is a definite upgrade! So far, I have completed a handful of wood working projects with my new tool and have yet to run into something that this saw cannot do. It seems like the perfect fit for me and I would definitely recommend it. Take a look at this exact saw available on Amazon. This purchase will have you well on your way to completing your next wooden masterpiece!

Know of another great saw that I should have considered?
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