Office Makeover Part 3: Desk Furniture Flip

Well guys, we have reached the third and final post for the Office Makeover Series, a desk furniture flip! To recap we have created a DIY Memo Board to help me organize my thoughts and then a DIY Acrylic Calendar to help me schedule them! Now it is time to show you how I turned my desk from understated to sophisticated in this DIY Desk Furniture Flip.

As I stated in Part 1, I not only wanted my home office to be more organized and functional, but I also wanted it to inspire me. I wanted to sit down at my desk each day and feel like I could take on the world simply by the way my surroundings made me feel. To start I needed my space to reflect the mission of my business, sophisticated decor on a budget! Furthermore, I wanted my decor to match the color palette I had created for my brand. ( White, Black, and a "pop" of Teal ). Let's be honest, my desk before was just not cutting it. It was nice, but it in no way, shape, or form embodied a sophisticated atmosphere and I was determined to fix that with this desk furniture flip.


Here is what I needed for Part 3:

  • My Desk
  • 150 Grit Sandpaper
  • Sanding Sponge
  • TSP Substitute
  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Sealer
  • Contact Paper
  • Paint Roller
  • Paint Brush
  • X-acto Knife / Scissors

Step One: Sand It Down

I would consider this step to be the most important. Since the desk that I am planning on painting over has a smooth veneer finish, I needed to make sure I sanded it down first and foremost. Otherwise, I would have an issue with the paint not sticking to the desk. So using my 150 grit sand paper I sanded down the entire desk, including ever nook and cranny. Once it was sanded, I have to admit it wasn't looking so good being scratched up to no end, but that is exactly what I wanted. On to the next step.Office Makeover Desk Furniture Flip


Step Two: Wipe It Off

Now that my desk was undoubtedly covered in dust, it was time to wipe it down thoroughly. First, I used a dry rag to clear the excess dust away. Then using a TSP substitute, I cleaned the entire desk from top to bottom and made sure there was no dust or random particles on the surface. Fun fact: with a TSP substitute you do not need to rinse it off after like you would with regular TSP.

Office Makeover Desk Furniture Flip

Step Three: Prime Away

The next step was for me to prime my desk for painting. I chose to apply my oil based primer with a small / trim-sized paint roller. This way I could ensure a smooth finish that would be free of brush strokes. With primer, any texture that is left will be seen through the layer of paint you apply. Another solution is to use a spray on primer. I applied two coats of primer on my desk and made sure to use a small foam brush in areas that were hard to reach with the roller.


Step Four: Sand It Again

Using my sanding sponge this time, I sanded down my desk once again once the primer was completely dry. This time the goal was not to rough up the finish, but instead to further smooth out the layers of primer and prepare my desk for painting.

Office Makeover Desk Furniture Flip

Step Five: Paint Finally

Using a second roller, I applied a semi-gloss white paint to my desk. Again, I made sure to utilize a small foam brush in areas that were hard to reach with the roller. After my second coat of paint, I sprayed the entire desk down with a clear and glossy sealer.

Office Makeover Desk Furniture Flip

Step Six: A Marble Top

I definitely could have stopped the DIY there, but I decided to take it a step further and create a marble top for my desk ( or at least the illusion of one ). Here is where that contact paper comes in handy.

Office MAkeover Desk Furniture Flip

First, I cut a piece of the contact paper that was just a bit larger, both in length and width, than the top of my desk. Then, removing just a little of the backing at a time I applied the contact paper from one edge of my desk to the other, going lengthwise, and left the front and back alone for the time being. Curious about what the heck that blue thing is I am using in the picture below? I received it as a bonus gift with my beautiful decal from Office Makeover Part 2: DIY Acrylic Calendar. It is a squeegie that is perfect for helping you apply an adhesive product to a surface with ease! If you purchase one of the decals from the post, you receive it with your order! Or you can try using a credit card to get this DIY completed.


Next, I needed to tackle the front and back edges of the contact paper. I cut squares out of each of the corners, so that when each side was folded down the contact paper met perfectly at the corners of the desk. I then used my squeegie and applied some pressure to each of the sides to be sure that it would stay put. I had purposefully cut the contact paper so that it would be a bit longer on each side ( front and back ) because my desk had a natural "lip" in it. So once the contact paper was secure over it, I took my X-acto knife and cut right along that lip. This way the contact paper was the absolute perfect size for my desk top. And just like that, I was done with my desk furniture flip!

Office Makeover Desk Furniture Flip

Office Makeover Desk Furniture Flip

Office Makeover Desk Furniture Flip



Desk Furniture Flip

Love ( or hate ) the way my Desk Furniture Flip and Office Makeover turned out?

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

Happy Decorating

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  1. Girl, your desk looks amazing! I’ve been looking at buying one, but you’ve just inspired me to see what I can do with my old one!!

    xo Ashley

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