Office Makeover Part 2: DIY Acrylic Calendar

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My Office Makeover continues with a DIY Acrylic Calendar. Be sure to check out Part 1 of the Office Makeover if you haven't already!

Before and After Office Makeover

Part 2 continues to tackle the organizational goal for my new home office. I am the avid note taker and I jot down my blog post ideas on post-its the second that they come to me. My goal was to be able to use these many post-its in a way that was efficient and kept me on a tight schedule ( hence the calendar! ). Now I can take those post-its and attach them to my calendar on the exact day I want to schedule them for. I can simply look at my calendar and see what posts will go out when and my OCD loves it!

Here is what I needed for Part 2:

  • 16" x 16" Acrylic Sheet
  • Calendar Decal ( from Stone Creek Wall Decals )
  • Plastic Cutter ( optional )
  • Straight Edge ( optional )
  • Clamps ( optional )
  • Measuring Tape
  • Painter's Tape
  • Drill
  • 5/16" Drill Bit ??
  • Standoff Mounts
  • 1" Screws
  • Pencil
  • Chalk Pen

Step One: Get The Acrylic

First, I needed to buy the surface that my calendar decal was going to adhere to. I decided that 16" x 16" was perfect for me ( of course, that size isn't pre-made anywhere! ). I headed straight to Orchard Supply Hardware and purchase an acrylic sheet that was 18" x 24" and .093 mm in thickness, ( the best part is they, and other hardware stores, will cut the acrylic down for you right there in the store at no cost if you ever need it ). However, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at cutting the acrylic my self ( no surprise there right ). So, I also purchased a Plastic Cutter to get the job done.

Step Two: Cut The Acrylic ( Optional )

DIY Acrylic Calendar

I laid my acrylic on my workbench so I would have a strong and flat surface to work with. Keeping the protective plastic on, I first clamped the acrylic to the workbench so it wouldn't move while I was cutting, and then I measured and marked a perfect 16" x 16" square. I clamped a metal straight edge to the acrylic right along the line I marked at 16" for a guide to use while I cut ( be sure to place the straightedge on the "inside" of your line, meaning on the side of the line you plan to keep and use. This way if you mess up it is on the side of the line you plan to dispose of! )

I used the score and break method. This means that using my plastic cutter, I cut along the line several times, until the cut was deep into the acrylic. Then all that was left was to put some weight and pressure on the edge of the acrylic to break it off of the 16" square that I had drawn. I repeated this same step a second time to cut off 2" on the 18" side.

Step Three: Drill The Acrylic

DIY Acrylic Calendar

Now was the time to drill four holes into my acrylic, one hole in each of the corners for mounting on the wall. First, I put tape in each of the corners on both sides of the acrylic ( note: this is still over the protective plastic that comes on the acrylic when it is purchased ). Placing tape on both sides of each corner helps to prevent the acrylic from shattering while you drill your holes. Next, I measured 3/4" from each corner and marked the measurements with an "X" .

DIY Acrylic Calendar

Then with my acrylic placed on my workbench ( a surface I didn't mind drilling into ), my drill, and 5/16" drill bit, I drilled my four holes into the acrylic sheet

Step Four: Prepare The Mounts

To ensure that the standoff mounts would be placed on the wall exactly where I needed them to be, I used the four holes that I drilled as a tracing mechanism. Holding the acrylic up against the wall and using a level to make sure it was perfect, I used a pencil and traced the holes directly onto the wall. Then using the tracing as a guide I screwed my standoff mounts into the wall.

Prepare The Mounts

If you have never used standoff mounts before, you will want to drill your screw through the barrel to get the flat end of the barrel nice and flush against the wall.

Step Five: Apply The Decal

I highly recommend using Stone Creek Wall Decals for your calendar. There are so many Pros to using this company that I think you deserve to hear them all. 1. The decals look great! 2. The company has a ton of options available on Etsy 3. They created a 16" x 16" decal listing specifically for you to use on this very DIY ( score! ) 4. The decals come with easy-to-follow instructions on how to correctly apply them to your acrylic.

All I did for step five was remove the protective plastic from my acrylic and follow the instructions that came with my decal from Stone Creek Wall Decals. So be sure to get yours here and do the same ( Stone Creek Wall Decals is even offering a 15% discount to my readers now through Oct 31st on all of their products! Just use coupon code DecorDuJour at checkout. )

Step Six: The Install

All that was left was to line up each of my drill holes with the standoff mounts and screw in the standoff caps to secure my calendar. Now I plan with reckless abandon ( and my chalk pens ) easily and efficiently. If your calendar is to be hung on a white wall, keep that in mind when choosing the color of your decal and chalk pens. You are going to want to see this great DIY.

DIY Acrylic Calendar


DIY Acrylic Calendar

DIY Acrylic Calendar

Love ( or hate ) the way my DIY Acrylic Calendar turned out?

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

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Happy Decorating

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  1. I love this idea, it’s cute and functional. It also looks like something that is moderately easy to do. Not to mention that it is super, super cute a great idea for my kitchen. Thanks

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