Office Makeover Part 1: DIY Memo Board

I work from home quite a bit. Not only when I am blogging, but also whenever I am doing research for a Set Decorating project and also when I am drawing up plans and sketches for a Home Staging or Interior Decorating job. It dawned on me that if I am going to be working from home this often I should turn my home office into a space that inspires me.

Before and After Office Makeover

I had two goals in mind that I wanted to accomplish with this office makeover:

 Goal 1 - Functionality

I am the Queen of note-taking. Especially when it comes to coming up with new blog post ideas, I just love to jot them down on post-its. However, what good are those many post-its if I can never find them to implement them? I wanted to be able to have them all organized in one place. Here is where a handy DIY Memo Board comes into play.

I also know that I wanted to take those post-it notes one step further. Once the blog posts have been written, I wanted to put those post-its on a calendar for a visual schedule! Enter a DIY Acrylic Calendar ( DIY post to follow in Office Makeover Part 2 ).

Goal 2 - A Branded Color Scheme

Up until now, the color scheme of my home office has not been a priority. But, since I am starting a business and want a space that will inspire me, why not match it to the colors of my new business? ( Black, White, and a pop of Teal ) For instance, I currently love, love ( did I say love? ) my desk chair. It embodies the sophisticated feel that I wanted to go for in my office makeover, but nothing else in the space matched that mood. Question is: how do I get my office to feel more sophisticated without breaking the bank? Time to turn my desk into a furniture flip! ( DIY post to follow in Office Makeover Part 3 )


Here is what I needed for Part 1:

  • A Frame
  • Chicken Wire
  • White Spray Paint
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Heavy Duty Scissors
  • Staple Gun
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Level
  • Incredible Hooks

Step One: The Frame

I could have just taken some wood and built a simple frame for this project, but my objective here was to create a sophisticated and chic space. So instead I took my favorite frame ( if you remember, I had painted it gold for a Talk Show that I decorated ) and decided I wanted to spray paint it a glossy white.

Memo Board

Step Two: The Chicken Wire

While the frame was drying, I cut my chicken wire down to a square the size of my frame ( it will be cut down more later to fit the frame perfectly ) with my heavy duty scissors. Be extra careful when cutting chicken wire, and wear gloves if possible. I then spray painted the chicken wire black. I liked the idea of creating some contrast to the glossy white of the frame and the white of my walls with this wire.

Step Three: Staple It

Once the paint on both the frame and the chicken wire dried, I flipped the frame over and placed the chicken wire along the back. Next I stapled the chicken wire to the frame so that it would stay put. Then I cut off the excess chicken wire so that I couldn't see it poking out from the sides of the frame when looking at it from the front.

Memo Board

Step Four: Install

Now it was time to hang my newly made frame. First I took a large sheet of semi-transparent paper and placed on the back side of the frame. I circled where the nail hooks were in the frame onto the sheet of paper. This sheet is what I used as a template for where to place my Incredible Hooks on the wall, instead of worrying about measuring. I taped the sheet of paper to the wall where I wanted to hang my new memo board and used my level to make sure the holes would be straight. With the paper still taped I pushed my Incredible Hooks into the wall using the circles I had drawn as a guide. Then I removed the paper and hung up my frame.

Memo Board

( Adorable and fluffy dog not included in DIY haha )

Memo Board

DIY Memo Board

Love ( or hate ) the way my DIY Memo Board turned out?

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

Happy Decorating

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