Pinterest DIY Remake: 4th of July Edition

The 4th of July is just next week! Seriously, how are we already halfway through 2016?! Anyways, to prepare for the 4th of July I recently wrote 30 Amazing 4th of July DIYs! And just like the title suggests, I listed 30 different DIYs for us all to get into the spirit of celebrating our country’s independence. As I was writing the post, I started to realize just how simple it would be to create a piece of decor that would have my own guests wowed on the 4th. So I wanted to tackle one of these 30 myself in the form of a Pinterest Remake: 4th of July Edition! My pin of choice? Lucky number 14! A wood pallet star that I just had to try and it was much easier than I had originally thought!

Pinterest Remake: 4th of July

Here is what you will need:


Step One: Cut It Down To Size

First, you will be cutting down your 1″ x 4″ x 8′ wood down to ten 10″ pieces.

Cut It Down

Step Two: The Right Angle

Next, without shaving off too much of the length of each piece, miter each 10″ piece of wood. One end of each will be mitered at 36° while the opposite end is mitered at 72°.


Step Three: Get In Formation

Now place your wood in the shape of the star with like-angled edges facing each other. Nail together your edges with your finishing nails. Fair warning! This is crazy difficult to get perfect without a power nailer, so I highly suggest investing in one.


Step Four: Trace It On

With your thin wood slats laid out, place your newly formed star on top and trace the outline onto the wood.

Trace It

Step Five: Stain and Dry

Now you will want to stain your star with your wood stain of choice. Set it off to the side to dry while you continue to work.


Step Six: Stay On The Lines

Back to the wood that you have just traced on. Take your jig saw and cut each slat along the line you have traced. Be sure to follow the line exactly to ensure a perfect fit.


Step Seven: Add Some Color

Alternating between red and white, paint each slat of fresh cut wood. Let it dry.

Add Some Color

Step Eight: Nail It Together

Once everything has dried, lay your painted wood along the back edge of your star. Nail the backing into place using your finishing nails.

Nail it

Step Nine: Enjoy 4th of July!

Hang it up wherever you desire and your done! You now have one heck of a statement piece to celebrate the 4th of July and you can proudly say you made it yourself!


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5 thoughts on “Pinterest DIY Remake: 4th of July Edition

  1. I love this and it would look perfect any time of the year…not just for the 4th. I’m definitely putting this on my hubby’s To Do list 🙂

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