Interior Decor Consultation and Management (+ Hourly Management Fee)


Skip the advice all together and hire me, I'll decorate the space for you! The Consultation will be $100 and the Decor Management will be billed at $60/hr until the completion of the design.


For the busy professional, this option is a hands on approach from me where I will be handling the full extent of the decorating.

Important Note: All furniture and decor purchases will be handled and purchased by the homeowners based off of my suggestions. I will take care of all implementing of the design.

Los Angeles, CA and Surrounding Areas Only!


  • A Walk Through
  • Color Scheme Development
  • Furniture Selection
  • Material Selection
  • Window Treatment Selection
  • Furniture Arrangement and Room Layouts
  • Accessorizing


Interior Decor Consultation and Decor Management
$100 for Consultation + $60/hr for Management


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