Interior Decor Consultation Only


For those seeking decor advice so they can tackle their decor themselves, I will be giving you anything and everything you will need in order to implement the design we agree on!

If you are in Los Angeles, we can schedule an in person consultation. If you are anywhere else, no worries! We can tackle this project together online and through email. I am here to fulfill your decorating needs!


A Walk Through
Walk throughs will be for in person consultations only, for online consults I will require plenty of pictures of the space.
Color Scheme Development
Plenty of color palette options to insure that the design is perfect for you
Furniture Selection
I will find the ideal furniture to bring your space to life within your budget
Room Layouts
I will develop the perfect floor plan to suit your needs
Window Treatment Suggestions
I will come up with the best way to make your windows stand out and compliment the space
Selection Details
I will send you direct links, images, and the prices of furniture and decor that I have selected for your space
Step-by-step Instructions
I will send you detailed step-by-step instructions on how to acheive the look with ease
De-cluttering Tips
I will send you tips to stay organized if they are needed or required by the space


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