Production Design Crush: Something Borrowed

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I will be the first to admit that I watch films a bit differently than most people. I pay a tremendous amout of attention to the world surrounding the charaters as opposed to the actual characters ( the Set Decorator’s Mind ). However, I refuse to believe that I am the only one that can look at a character’s apartment or home and think “How cute!” or “I want my room to look like that!” Let’s face it, some film sets have a way of tempting you to re-do all of your decor. So I figured why not! I’ve decided to break down these film sets and figure out how I could shop the look.

First up: Something Borrowed! ( Swoon… I LOVE this movie! )

 Photo Credit: The film’s IMDB page

It is kind of impossible ( at least for me ) to watch this film and not want to live in Rachel’s apartment. It is so cute! It is a studio apartment with an open floor plan that flows perfectly, and my eye goes straight to her bedroom.

 Here’s how you can shop this look!

First of all, that table lamp is stunning. The most significant thing about it that makes it so flattering is the beautiful shape, but lets face it that lamp does not come cheap. So here are some cheaper options that can have that same eye cataching and flattering effect on your bedroom.

This lamp has that classic silhouette, yet the texture of the base is what makes it stand out. Add the fact that it’s a brilliant white and this lamp screams chic!

This option is a bit more expensive, but boy do you get some bang for your buck! If you’re as obsessed with the bulbous shape of Rachel’s lamp as I am then this will be a great option for you.

Next up? That headboard! Its simple and understated and that iss what I love about it. When you have a headboard like this you don’t have to fear the idea of wall art surrounding it and making it seem like there’s too much going on with your walls.

If, like me, you’re loving the simplicity of that headboard, here’s a beautifully understated option. There’s different colors to choose from so you should not have an issue finding one that will match your bedroom perfectly!

If it iss the color that is making you weak in the knees, this is an amazing tufted headboard with a lilac color to die for!

And of course we can’t forget about those window curtains. I, personally, love how they even add a slight pop of color with the blue flower motif.

Here’s the best option that I was able to find that would make the same color popping effect!

Can’t keep your eyes off of all of Rachel’s throwpillows? I sure can’t ( talk about a woman after my own heart )!


If it’s the bird motif that has you wanting to go pillow shopping, this is an adorable buy just waiting for you!

Or if you can stop eyeing up her wine glass for long enough to fall in love with her floral pattern, I’d definitely suggest this almost exact same option!

So there you have it! Ways for you to shop this stylish look from Something Borrowed. Enjoy!

Know an adorable movie that you’d love for me to break down so you can shop the look? Leave the title of it in the comments below and I’ll get right on it!



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