Quick Guide: Renter Friendly Wall Hanging


I don’t know about you, but when I look at an empty wall it screams “DECORATE HERE” to me. Wall art tends to be an essential element in turning a house into a home. The same can be said for the walls of an apartment. Problem is… holes and landlords do not get along! So you are telling me that not only can I not paint the walls so I can feel more at home, but I can’t even put a screw in to hold up a family photo?! Well truth is, that just will not work for me. Here are the ways I have gone around this common issue over the years.

Let me start with the reason this post is under “Mother Knows Best”.

Imagine this, your daughter moves into her new apartment. She’s all alone and you want to make her feel comfortable and at home. You could give her a cute sign for her mantle that says “HOME”, or a beautiful throw blanket to keep her warm on those cold nights. My mother…. gave me these:

They’re called Incredible Hooks

Pretty brilliant mom! I could now hang up my favorite framed photos and the artwork that I had collected over the years, without worrying about a massive hole in the wall. I could not have felt more cozy in my new home without them. These hooks have a curved design which means that with a bit of arm strength, they cut easily into drywall and then proceed to curve upwards and latch on behind the wall, giving you a firm hold for your heaviest frames. Best part! When it’s moving time and you take them out, the hole left behind is minuscule. I actually had a bit of trouble even finding them when I went to put a bit of spackle on them all.

Which brings me too…

Patch It Up!

Don’t be so afraid to spackle! Trust me, this stuff can be a life savor even for holes larger than what an Incredible Hook can leave behind. As long as you leave it nice and smooth, landlords don’t seem to mind this patchwork so much and sometimes won’t even notice. Never spackled before and want a how-to? Click here, this pinner I found has a great one!

Still afraid to put a hole in the wall?

Command Hooks Never Fail!

These hooks can go up on any wall with their peel off sticky strips. They don’t leave a trace once you pull them down and can usually hold quite a bit of weight. The bonus is that they’ve been coming out with different designs for those that want to avoid the original white plastic hook.

I hope these tips help to make your apartment a home as well! If any of you have some other handy ideas, I’d love to hear them. Write your ideas in the comments box down below!


Happy Decorating

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