Quick Guide To A Spring Mantle

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Spring Mantle

For the last couple of weeks, I have mentioned that I am gearing up for a spring update in my home. I started with ” 2 Simple Wine Bottle DIYs ” because I knew I needed new glassware and vases to match my new color palette, but I sure did not want to break the bank in the process. Then I wrote ” 4 Step Burlap Book DIY ” because I wanted to have some books that were versatile enough to go with any color I chose to decorate with next. Now, I have decided to completely update my mantle and take it from meh to wow! ( Well, hopefully I achieved “wow”, it could all just be in my head ) Here’s what my mantle was before:

Not quite cutting it for a spring mantle if you ask me!

I looked at it and decided it was time for a bit of painting. If you should know anything about me, it is that I will probably be redoing my mantle yet again in just a of couple months ( oh to be a decorator ). So, I just wanted to change up the color and do so in a way that it will not be difficult to change again soon. My color of choice ( drum roll please )… two shades of green ( move right on over Fifty Shades ).

First up? Time to create my own artwork.

I was recently in Michael’s shopping for an upcoming Talk Show that I am decorating for and, like always, I got very distracted. I stumbled upon some very cute wooden words that sparked the thought “those would look great on a canvas!”, so I just had to try it out. I got an 11″ x 14″ canvas, and broke out my painter’s tape. With the tape I created a striped pattern on the canvas and made sure the edges of the tape were absolutely perfect, so that when I went over the tape with my black spray paint it would not bleed.

I sprayed the canvas and let it sit for about an hour to dry. During that hour, I chose one of my two shades of green spray paint and went over the wooden words with it.

Once those were dry, it was time to adhere them to the now dry canvas. To be perfectly honest here, I would have much rather used my glue gun at this point, but I lost it recently. So trusty Elmer’s Glue would have to do, and it definitely got the job done! Here’s how the canvas turned out:

Not bad right? If you have been eyeing up those wooden words, click here and find some great words for you to use on your own Spring mantle!

Another upgrade to my mantle? A whole new color for my wine bottle. I already had a wine bottle that I had painted white recently. I wanted another painted bottle, but one that complimented my color scheme. So I chose the second of my two shades of green, mint!

Next on my Spring mantle to do list? Out with the red! That frame you saw in the before picture was once black. I had actually painted it recently for my Valentine’s Day decor ( surprise, surprise ). Now I was seeing mint green in its future. I went ahead and spray painted it white first to dull down the red, and then once that layer was dry I went over it with my mint green spray paint. I also decided to change it up and decorate with the frame alone, sans photo. I have seen many people decorate with frames in this way and could not resist, but to see for myself how it upped my decor game. The verdict? I loved the way just the frame added some depth to my mantle. Looking for some cheap frames that you can express your own style with? Click here.

I added a vase of beautiful flowers and my Spring mantle was complete! Here is how everything turned out!

Bonus decor! I also wanted to simply glam up my coffee table with a bit of green to bring the room together. You would never guess how much these candle sticks actually were, so I will just tell you. The two taller candle sticks I got for $1.99 each and the shorter one was just $0.69 ( thank heavens for thrift stores! ). I found them in a dark metal and spray painted them to match my decor. They ended up looking pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

Want some candlesticks to decorate with yourself? You can find some wooden ones that I have been eyeing up for my next project here!

Whoopsy moment! There is a such thing as too much. I got a bit carried away while spray painting the candle sticks and the paint started to drip. But not to worry, I let them dry and then sanded them down until the paint was smooth before trying again ( second time is the charm! ).

The fun is not over yet! I have a DVD console that needed a little bit of loving as well. So I painted yet another frame, but this time in the darker of my two greens to add a bit of contrast and added a couple vases. Now my entire living room felt whole and complete!

Hope everyone is loving my new Spring mantle!
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Happy Decorating

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