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As renters, we find that customizing our new place to feel like home is awfully limited. Can’t paint that wall, or can’t change the floor tiles, can’t even put in an adorable backsplash in the kitchen. I wrote a post very early on in my blogging, Too Scared To Paint, in fact it was my first ever post. It detailed 10 different ways to bring color into the home without needing to commit to a paint color, which is pretty perfect for a renter. Of those 10 ideas, not a single one mentioned the use of Contact Paper ( a.k.a. The Renter’s Savior ), and it was a missed opportunity.

To say that contact paper is “renter friendly” is an understatement. It gives you that chance to update your counter-tops, put some color on the walls, and add an eye catching back splash, all without pissing off your landlord! Sounds like just what I need.

So I have done a bit of research, and from dramatic changes to simple accent decor I have found my favorite Contact Paper DIYs.

Clever Contact Paper

Dramatic Change: Kitchen Cabinets

Contact Paper Kitchen Cabinets

Just because you are renting does not mean you have to love the cabinets you get. Hate the color of your cabinets? Why not change them?! County Living shows here that adding contact paper can easily take your kitchen cabinets from drab to fab.

Accent Decor: From Door To Chalkboard

Contact Paper Chalkboard

The picture alone of this pin gives me tons of ideas of how I could use it in my home. Best one that I could come up with is… add it your pantry door! Adding this chalkboard contact paper to your pantry door will instantly turn it into your most handy grocery list.

Dramatic Change: Kitchen Backsplash

Contact Paper Backsplash

This idea excites me! As an avid Fixer Upper watcher ( say that three times fast ), I am always stewing in jealousy over all of the homeowners on the show that get a gorgeous bachsplash in their kitchen. I want one! So the idea of being able to achieve a “semi-backsplash” with contact paper in my rental home… SCORE! Now I just need to find the perfect contact paper so that my “semi-backsplash” will look like the real deal.

Accent Decor: Marble Frame

Contact Paper Marble Frame

There is just something about marble that screams chic! Apparently, faux marble is no exception. This post proves that anything can be elevated to a chic level with ease by just adding some contact paper. Thinking about buying some faux marble contact paper? Here is the one that I just bought! Of course, now I want to add it to anything and everything!

Dramatic Change: Stairs

Contact Paper Stairs

I would bet that you have never thought of stairs as an opportunity to make a statement in your home. This post has me believing that adding some fun contact paper to your stairs will catch some eyes for sure!

Accent Decor: Marble Planters

Contact Paper Marble Planters

Speaking of wanting to add faux marble contact paper to anything and everything, this post gives the absolute perfect example! This DIY shows how simple it is to turn an ordinary tin can into an extraordinary marble planter.

Curious what you should do when it comes time to move out of your rental?

Contact paper can easily be removed if you know how to do it. Take a look at this pin for some step-by-step instructions!


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