The Right Reasons To Start A Blog

The story behind why I started a blog and advice for those considering it

Reasons To Start A Blog

Since I am a Film and Television Set Decorator, I am constantly going from one project to another. That does not always mean that the day after one project has finished, I am starting on another. In fact, more often than not there are several days, sometimes even weeks, between projects. I started The Decor Du Jour as a way to fill these lulls. I desperately wanted to stay busy between projects, but do so in a way that I still utilized and built upon the same decor skill set that I needed as a Set Decorator. Thus came the idea of starting my own blog!

Now I would love to use my own experiences to give some advice to anyone that is considering starting a blog. The question is: what are two great reasons to start a blog?

1. Use Your Passions

First and foremost, you will want to write about something that you are skilled at. Figure out what skills you possess that could help your readers. What is it that they can learn from you? When I was thinking this through at the beginning stages, my degree in Design and my work as a decorator gave me the confidence to know that I was skilled enough to give valuable advice. Skilled enough to be able to offer a voice to those struggling with decor.

Keep in mind that this should be something that you are truly passionate about. When you are passionate, it will show through your writing and will keep your readers engaged.

2. Think of Blogging as an Outlet

If you are thinking of starting a blog solely for the income, I can tell you right now that you will need to change your thinking. There is definitely money to be made from blogging, but that takes time and a lot of hard work first. When you are only blogging for money, it shows in your lack of enthusiasm towards your content and it is off-putting to readers.

Instead, think of blogging as an outlet to share your many ideas and experiences through. Think of it as a platform on which to build your readers skills, as well as your own along the way. Trust me it will pay off in the end.

I am sure that there are MANY great reasons to start a blog, but these are the two that I personally feel are necessary to keep in mind in order to build a foundation for blogging success.

All you bloggers out there! What was your #1 reason to start a blog?
Share in the comments below, let's start a conversation!


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26 thoughts on “The Right Reasons To Start A Blog

  1. Great suggestions! I hear about a lot of people trying to get into blogging for the money, not the passion. It never works out… I started blogging as an outlet. My job was meh and I needed something fun and creative in my life.

  2. To the point, but honestly so true! Monetizing is great and all, but its only exciting if you’re already doing what you love. It took me two years to make any profit from my blog and I would have given up ages ago if I hadn’t loved doing it from the getgo. 🙂

  3. Blogging is both a passion and an outlet for me; a way to connect with other people going through similar experiences. Love blogging!

  4. Hi Coco! Great post! Money can be a game changer in blogging but the reward from having the outlet to express ourselves and watching the small milestones is so exciting!

  5. These are such great reasons! So many of my friends wanted to start blogs to get free stuff when they saw that I started making an income from it! Wrong reason for sure!

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