She Did WHAT With Wine Corks?!

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First and foremost, I beg you not to judge me for the insane amount of wine corks I have in my home (I love wine!). Secondly, on to the good stuff. Here is how I put those many wine corks to some good use.

I used them to make a cute (and memory filled) table of course!

And to be honest, it was not an insanely difficult project to take on.

Step 1: Wine Barrel Hunting

Ever notice those massive planters in some people’s backyards that look like someone has taken a wine barrel and split it right in half? Well, turns out that’s exactly what they did and you can shop for them in the garden section of most stores. For my table I headed straight to the garden section of Home Depot, and picked up a half of what used to be a Whiskey Barrel. All you have to do is flip that bad boy over! And here is what you’ll find when you do:

Step 2: Add Your Corks

See the lip created by the support beams on the bottom? Just happens to make the perfect amount of space to put wine corks in there (coincidence? I think not!). I got a bit creative and put my wine corks in a two by two pattern. Also, just so you know, I have yet to find a champagne cork that fits in the table since they tend to be a bit thicker (oh, well).

Step 3: Raise A Glass

Once all of those wine corks are in place, as it turns out there is even still room for a small glass table top to sit right on top and finish off your table. This is going to need to be a custom piece of glass, so let me show you how to get the perfect measurements!

  •  First, you need the diameter (the width of your barrel) from inside lip to inside lip.

 Here’s a close up, showing that my barrel has a diameter of exactly 19 – 1/4″ on the inside of the lip.

  •  Next you’ll need to measure the depth (how thick your glass will need to be)

 This close up shows that the depth of my barrel is exactly 1/4″

Now that you have all of your measurements, it is time to do a bit of research to make sure you are not breaking the bank for this project. Call around to the different glass maker’s in your neighborhood for the best price. Luckily, you are not needing an obscenely large size for this, so it should not cost much. Once your glass table top is ready for you, it should sit perfectly within your barrel bottom.

Bonus Step!

Take it one step further and label the wine corks from special occasions to commemorate your nights! For example, my table currently has corks marked with “Girl’s Night 01.20.2016” and “Valentine’s Day 2015”. There can truly be some great memories shared over a glass of wine, so keep those corks and remember them!

Don’t have a collection of wine corks just laying around? Well… DRINK UP! (ha, just kidding) Surprisingly, Amazon gives you the option to buy some in bulk to give you a head start (sans wine, mind you). And nope, I am not kidding at this point. Click Here to see for yourself!

Not wanting to broadcast your love for wine? No worries! Who says you have to fill the barrel up with wine corks? Accentuate that beach theme you’ve got going and use a variety of seashells instead. Or get a bit romantic and fill it up with flower petals (oh la la). Play around with it until you find what you like and looks best.

All that is left to do now is sit back, relax, and cheers!



P.S. I can’t wait to see how your projects turn out!

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Happy Decorating

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