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Recently, I worked on a live-stream talk show called Givit and it ended up being one of my favorite sets that I have ever Set Decorated! I posted a picture of it on Instagram and turns out others love it just as much as I do. Since the picture was posted, I have received several messages asking “where did you get this” or “where did you get that”. So I figured why not just do a Shop The Look post?

Shop The Look

First Things First… Those Chairs!

Okay, time to make a confession. The chairs I used in my set were actually found through Craigslist. Sometimes you can stumble upon some real gems when searching for furniture through Craigslist. However, since I found them online, I cannot seem to find them anywhere else! I have searched high and low, but don’t worry I have found some amazing substitutes.

You can get that same look with these great bamboo chairs from Amazon. Take it a step further and purchase these black and white seat cushions to match the look I was able to achieve on the Givit set!

Want some bamboo chairs that make more of a statement? These gorgeous bamboo chairs from Wayfair are perfect!

A Statement Of A Rug

I think it will surprise you how much of the set I was able to purchase from IKEA. IKEA happens to have a great policy when it comes to using their stuff for Film and Television, so I made sure to take advantage and this rug is no exception! You can purchase it for yourself here!

The Perfect Ottoman

Seeing as how the couch is just a simple white leather sectional, I will be skipping it all together. Instead let’s focus on that great colored ottoman! Here’s another confession, this teal ottoman was originally a part of a beautiful teal sectional that we found on Craigslist. Unfortunately, the couch was too big to get into the studio, but the ottoman was enough to wow!

This ottoman from Amazon has a great color and even closely resembles the shape of the ottoman that I used. Or you can choose to wow furthermore with this tufted ottoman that I found.

Curious about what I have draped over the ottoman in the Givit set? It is a sheepskin rug that I grabbed from IKEA to add a bit of texture and dimension to my set!

My All Time Favorite… Throw Pillows

I tend to get a personal kick out of the amount of throw pillows I purchase for Film and Television sets. Keeping in mind that it is always great to give the Director plenty of options, I stick to the motto “the more the better” for throw pillows. With this particular set, we were going for a much more eclectic look than I usually go for and the result was stunning. Here are some of the pillows we purchased with links so you can shop the look and get eclectic too!

This is the cushion cover from IKEA that we placed on those great bamboo chairs!


This cushion cover from IKEA goes pretty darn well with the matching pattern of that rug!

Cost Plus World Market is basically the throw pillow lovers Disneyland and this pillow was a gem!


Speaking of Cost Plus World Market, this pillow was great for the set, but it is perfect for your upcoming Fall decor!

Gold Garden

Curious About The Curio Cabinet

The display cabinet tucked behind the couch on the set is yet another piece that I got from IKEA! It added some depth to the set and made for a great base to some fun and unique items to be displayed.

Screenshot 2016-08-29 13.29.55
A Well Placed Lamp

On a Film or Television set, I am always looking for ways to add some varying levels. A tall book shelf there or a lengthy floor lamp here. That floor lamp on the set was a great find from Target! The shape was perfect for the funky style of the show.

Last, But Not Least

I had to let you know where you can find that record player! It is a Crosley that I found on Amazon. With the cute faux luggage style of the record player, it fit in perfectly with the style of the set.

With this ‘Shop The Look’ you are just a click away from having some key furniture and decor to achieve the look of my favorite set!

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