Oh So Simple Kitchen Organization

One Step Kitchen Organization
My mother recently gave me a product for organization that, of course, I stubbornly thought that I did not need. That is… until I used it ( well played Ma! ). It is a Copco Cabinet Organizer ( you can buy yours here! ).

The Copco Cabinet Organizer that she gave me helped to organize my spices in a way that I can now see what I am grabbing. I can open up my cabinet looking for nutmeg and find it in a matter of seconds, as oppose to standing there hoping that I grabbed the right jar. Sounds incredibly simple, but it has made a huge difference. Remind me to never doubt my mother again.

This did spark a certain interest in me though. How many other products and ideas have I looked past recently that could have simply and effectively helped with organization in my kitchen? Here are a few that I plan on rethinking in the very near future ( i.e. the second I am done writing this post ).

A Tension Rod for spray bottles under the sink. This pin from Pinterest user Apartment Therapy shows the space saving goodness that is the tension rod.

Command Strips for your cabinets! This pin from Pinterest user Nicole Clair utilizes Command Strip Hooks to store pot lids in a way to keep them close and easily found.

Take cabinet door storage to yet another level!

This pin from Pinterest user Donna Cuzzort shows yet another way to utilize those super handy command strips for cabinet door organization.

It is safe to say that each of these ideas are equally simple yet effective. And I plan on implementing ALL of them. How about you? Let the organizing begin!

Know any other great kitchen organization ideas?
Share them in the comments because I would love to try them!

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3 thoughts on “Oh So Simple Kitchen Organization

  1. Love the command strips to hold kids! Also like the organized shelves! Thanks!! As always I took away some good ideas?
    And Mike already is a huge fan of command strips for hanging pictures,so I bet he will love the pan ideas.

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