Book Review: “Snape: A Definitive Reading”

Snape Book Review

I received this signed book as part of a book club subscription called Fandom Adventures. A review of that book club is soon to follow ( hint... the subscription is incredible! ).

If you are like me, a tremendous fan of the Harry Potter series, then please allow me to introduce you to Lorrie Kim, the author of "Snape: A Definitive Reading". This book is pure treasure for anyone who has been having that burning desire to relieve the books with a completely new point of view ( I'm talking to all those, me included, who can never resist watching those Harry Potter weekend marathons over and over... and over again! ).

Snape Book Review

I want to start off by stating that I will try my best not to include spoilers of this book in this review ( though there will be plenty of Harry Potter spoilers ). This review of "Snape: A Definiteive Reading" by Lorrie Kim will be more along the lines of expressing just how incredible this book is for fans of the Harry Potter book series. I would describe the book as an in depth analysis of a much loved character; Severus Snape. I highly suggest reading all of the Harry Potter books before picking this one up. But once you do, you will fall in love all over again!

This book has truly opened my eyes and just kept giving. It is safe to say that Severus Snape is the most compelling and complex character that I have ever read, and my love for him has simply grown while reading this book. In "Snape: A Definitive Reading", each of the seven Harry Potter books are dissected to analyze solely the information that is pertaining to the character Snape in order to reveal the motives behind his actions. It absolutely amazes me what new information we gain about Snape as well as the overall plot just by simply reading Snape's passages along side one another. Even when Snape is seemingly not involved in a scene within the Harry Potter books, Lorrie Kim's method of placing all information pertaining to Snape together on one page reveals Snape's presence and true role.

Snape Book Review

I have to say that Lorrie Kim has an absolutely beautiful and intriguing way of analyzing not only the words that J.K. Rowling has written, but also the way in which she has written them. Almost as if challenging the readers to see their true meaning. Page breaks and character silences have a much greater meaning than what originally meets the eye, and Lorrie Kim has brought all of these moments to my attention.

Lorrie Kim even brings to light how J.K. Rowling's description of Snape varies throughout the series depending on the point of view and situation, which gives the readers clues as to how to feel about or perceive each moment.

The missing piece of the original story for Harry can be found in Snape, a man that Harry does not understand until it is too late. Omission of information throughout the Harry Potter series, for instance Lily Potter's ( Evans' ) circle of friends during school while finding out a tremendous amount of detail about James' friends, the Maurauders, is quite telling in the end. Yet, for some reason that simple fact never dawned on me until I was reading of it in "Snape: A Definitive Reading".

Lorrie Kim aptly states throughout her book that Snape is always the key to the true story. The characters last words are "Look at me." which is exactly what Lorrie Kim has done and asked us readers to do as well.


Snape Book Review

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Snape Book Review

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