10 Favorite 2016 DIY Projects

Who else just cannot believe that it is 2017? Lord knows that I will probably be writing "2016" on my checks for the next several months. But now that 2017 is here, I would like to remember the past year fondly with a list of my favorite 2016 DIY projects.

In 2016, I completed and posted a total of 28 do-it-yourself projects for The Decor Du Jour ( shamelessly patting myself on the back right now ). Truth is each of them was a blast to create and write about. Some were tougher and more complicated than others, but it is safe to say that my DIY skills have grown immensely with each project in the past year. Of the 28 2016 DIY projects, I have narrowed down my favorite 10 projects . So without further ado...

2016 DIY Projects

Click on any of the images / links below to see each of the 2016 DIY projects in full detail!

Pinterest DIY Remake: 4th Of July Edition

This was a fun and festive project that I decided to take on for the 4th of July. It was also the first project I tackled this year that required a mitered cut with my saw, making it a bit more on the difficult side of the 2016 DIY projects. I never say no to a challenge, especially when it involves some great tools, which is why this one is listed as my 10th favorite!


Pinterest DIY Remake: Wooden Lantern

About halfway through 2016 I decided that my patio needed to make more of a statement. I wanted people to look at it and think "a decorator must live there". So I started slowly, but surely dressing it up with some cute DIYs. This lantern ( and the two others I made in different sizes ) was no exception. The wooden lantern made a definite statement and people have been asking to purchase one like it ever since, making this project my 9th pick for my favorite 2016 DIY projects.

DIY Wooden Tray

Come early fall, I had watched enough Fixer Upper to have the show memorized. So clearly, it was only a matter of time before the "farmhouse" style trickled its way into my own home. I could have easily gone out and paid good money to own a nice farmhouse coffee table tray, but that would not have been like me at all. Why pay for something when you can make it yourself?! I've had a few people that have asked me where I bought my tray from and it is the pride I felt when saying "I made it myself" that has made this project my 8th favorite of 2016 DIY projects.

Pinterest DIY Remake: Holiday Candle Holders

During Fall 2016, I created a list of 15 Fall DIYs. One of them was a DIY that turned tree stumps into tealight candle holders and it was a hit! I got plenty of comments from people saying that the candle holder DIY was their favorite of the 15 and I had to agree with them. So I decided that I wanted to try my own hand at making them for my Winter decor. They turned out great and have become a conversation piece in my home, which is why they are my 7th favorite of the 2016 DIY projects!

A DIY Farmhouse Table To Die For

One tool that made all the difference in my projects during 2016 was the Kreg Jig. My projects began to look more and more professional as I learned the ins and outs of using my Kreg Jig. The best example of this is my farmhouse style patio table. This was my second time building a table for my patio and it was a clear improvement and upgrade in size. My neighbors have asked me to make them a table for their patios as well and that is why this project is my 6th favorite of the 2016 DIY projects.

Office Makeover Part 3: Desk Furniture Flip

As my blog and Home Staging / Interior Decor business began to grow, so did my need for a better home office space. I needed a space that would continually inspire me to produce beautiful work. So I created a 3 post blog series called Office Makeover and of the 3 DIYs I took on throughout the makeover, the desk furniture flip made the biggest difference. My office space went from understated to sophisticated, which is why this project is my 5th favorite of the 2016 DIY projects.

Super Simple DIY Christmas Sign

2016's Holiday season is over and done with, but I took on a DIY that could last me throughout 2017. One of the easiest DIYs that I created last year was a painted Holiday sign that read "Meet Me Under The Mistletoe" ( cute right? ). When I say that this project was easy, I mean it. In fact, I completed it in just 5 simple steps! Considering that I will always find a need for cute wooden signs throughout my decor projects and the quotes that can go on them are endless, this was an easy choice as my 4th favorite of the 2016 DIY projects.

DIY Fold Down Workbench

This project was by far my most functional DIY of 2016. I have set up my workbench for almost every DIY that I have completed since building it. It is safe to say that man or woman, if you are a DIYer you could truly make some great use out a work space built specifically for your ever growing list of projects. Maybe that is why this project is my most shared blog post to date, but that is definitely why it is my 3rd favorite of the 2016 DIY projects.

Pinterest Remake: Rustic Blanket Ladder

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard friends, family, other decorators, etc. explain how they want to own a trendy blanket or towel ladder, but they just can't bring themselves to spend so much money for one. I have even seen one retail for close to $200. Luckily for them, I broke down how to just make one for yourself for a heck of a lot less money in my 2nd favorite of the 2016 DIY projects.

DIY Wine Cooler Cabinet

What do you do when you now own an amazing wine cooler? Build a wine cabinet of course! And that is just what I did. This wine cabinet has become my favorite piece of furniture that I have built. For one thing it is the largest of my projects, and for another it is pretty well thought out ( if i do say so myself ). It even includes racks to hold my numerous wine glasses. If you are curious why I have chosen this project as my absolute favorite of the 2016 DIY projects, it holds wine! Need I really say more?


There you have it!

A list of my 10 favorite 2016 DIY projects. If this list doesn't inspire both you and I to create even more incredible DIYs this year, then I don't know what will. Good luck with your many projects in 2017!

2016 DIY Projects

Love (or hate) my top 10 2016 DIY projects?

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

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9 thoughts on “10 Favorite 2016 DIY Projects

  1. Great projects! I love that workbench and wish I had that much wall space in my garage to dedicate to one. (I have a take down workbench.) Cheers to more fun projects in 2017!

  2. All of these projects are fabulous! I particularly like the DIY Fold Down Workbench; I need one in my garage big time. Thanks for sharing all of DIY projects with us less creative types:)

  3. These are all really great! Plus, you take such good pictures! Plus, you’re my new personal idol because I got so very few DIY projects done last year… Here’s to a new and better year!

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