Trending Summer Color Palettes

For me, when I am decorating I can look at items of different colors and just know that they will go well together. Beyond just knowing the color wheel and complimentary colors well, I can visualize a space pretty well. I just assumed that everyone could do this until my best friend exclaimed “I suck with colors!” We talked about it for a bit and basically Chelsea knows what colors she likes, she just does not know what colors to compliment them with. No worries Chels, bestie to the rescue! I have decided to write a post about great Summer colors and surprising combinations to compliment each Summer color perfectly!

Trending Summer Color Palettes

First Summer Color: Turquoise
New Color To Pair It With This Summer: Red

Turquoise makes for such a great Summer color. It is fun, vibrant, and reminds you of some warm ocean waters! However, people do not tend to think of Red when considering a great Summer color. Trust me though, pairing a bright Red with a vibrant Turquoise and you will be feeling the Summer vibes! Be sure to add in some white decor and furniture to balance out all of that color.

Turquoise and Red

Want to know how you can achieve the same look? Here are some great pieces to decorate with!

Metal Red Chairs

Turquoise Throw Pillow
Red Side Table
White Vase

White Coffee Table

Turquoise Vase
Turquoise Accent Chair

Turquoise Clock

Red Table Lamp

Turquoise Table Lamp

Red Tray

Second Summer Color: Coral
New Color To Pair It With This Summer: Navy

Coral may be a bit on the feminine side, but you cannot deny that it makes for a great summer color. Not only is it named for a creature of the sea, but from towels to bright bikinis it is a color that can undoubtedly be seen on any beach this summer. Just like with Red, Navy does not tend to be a go to summer color. In fact, this dark color tends to scream winter. But one look at Navy furniture along side of Coral decor and you will see just how nautical this duo can be!

Coral and Navy

Want to know how you can achieve the same look? Here are some great pieces to decorate with!

Navy Throw Pillow

Coral Throw Pillows

Throw Pillow With Both

Navy Table

Coral Lamp

Navy Blue Clock

Third Summer Color: Yellow
New Color To Pair It With This Summer: Mint

Yellow tends to be one of the first colors that people think of when considering Summer colors. Nothing says sunshine quite like a bright Yellow. As for Mint, it is not news that this color has been a definite trending Spring color, but pairing it with a bright Yellow will give Mint new life for the upcoming season and create a Summer color palette that is to die for!

Yellow and Mint

Want to know how you can achieve the same look? Here are some great pieces to decorate with!

Yellow Hanging Lamp

Mint Tray

Yellow Vase

Antique Wall Clock
Yellow Tray

Mint Candle Holder
Mint Vase

Antique Globe

Yellow Side Chair

Mint Throw Pillow

White Planter

Now you are all set to be on trend this Summer with some amazing color palettes that will have your guests wowed!

Know another new color combination that would be perfect for the upcoming season? Tell me all about it in the comments!

Happy Decorating

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