Turning A Wine Bottle Into A Candle

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From Bottle To Candle


Well, ledies and gentlemen, she has done it again. My mother has blown my mind with a decor tip!

It should come as absolutely no surprise that I love wine, but did you know that my mother does too? ( I guess the apple does not fall so far from the tree after all ) She has been reading my recent posts ( She Did What With Wine Corks?! and 2 Simple Wine Bottle DIYs ) and she had a trick up her sleeve that could have taken my wine posts to a whole new level. Now I do not know if you guys are quite ready for this, but I have decided that I just HAVE to share this trick with my readers.

Well, here goes nothing!

Some genius out there, also known as Northern Lights Candles, has created a wine cork that also doubles as a candle holder ( insert shocked emoji right here ). It is called a Bottleabra ( HA! Get it? Like Candelabra! ). They even come in different sizes, so you can use them with your tealights or elevate your lighting further and use a taper candle instead.

For Tealight Candles

For Taper Candles

So now, you can pair this wine stopper with a bottle that you have recently painted, wrapped with twine, and decorated with to turn it into a candle stick. Or you can even use it with that special bottle of champagne you have just opened and immediately have a candlelit dinner. Just be sure to be careful when removing the lit Bottleabra to pour another glass ( wax burns might ruin that romantic dinner you have going… Ouch! )

Have another great wine bottle idea?
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Happy Decorating

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