Wedding Wednesday: First Impressions

First Impressions of Wedding Decor

Have I got some news for you! I got engaged over the weekend to my handsome fiancé ( I simply cannot say that word enough... fiancé! ), John Vacala!  Please excuse me a moment while I attempt to calm down. In the most me way possible, I have decided to capitalize on this time in our lives and turn it into something that The Decor Du Jour can benefit from as well. I figured once I was able to finally stop freaking out ( still trying here! ), I could collect my thoughts enough to share my experiences throughout the planning process in the form of Wedding Wednesday posts. After all, I am as new to wedding planning as it gets, and if I am having some decor thoughts and ideas going through my mind already, I am sure there are other brides out there in the same boat. I figured why not share my experience in the hopes that these posts will either help my fellow brides somewhere along the way or at least give them someone to relate to.

I Said Yes!

Before I share my "First Impressions" of wedding decor, I feel the need to explain something. For someone that has basically been decorating since birth and that has consistently been described by friends as Type A, detail oriented, or a planner, I have not given a ton of thought to all the details of a wedding. I have never been the woman to have her entire wedding planned out from the get-go ( not that there is anything wrong with that ). Instead, I have always been a firm believer in "it is his day too!" and saving all the beautiful moments of planning for when I could do it along with my fiancé. I would love for our wedding to represent both of our personalities, both of our styles.

Also before we get into the "First Impressions", I would like to state that this first Wedding Wednesday post is a direct result of my scatted thoughts right now haha. We are still in the beginning stages, we have yet to book a venue, we have an idea of time of year, but still brainstorming. All of these decisions to still be made will have a great effect on the decor as a whole.

So let the brainstorming begin!

Thank Heaven for Pinterest!

My First Impressions

Decor That Has Caught My Eye






Candle Light


















Table Numbers








Bring on the planning!


We could not be more excited to be planning the big day! We are just taking in every single moment of this crazy and wonderful time. Lord knows I am loving this phase, when I just get to brainstorm about decor. Now this is a decorator's dream come true!

First Impressions of Wedding Decor

Do you love these first impressions? Or have any other great ideas?

Please share them in the comments. I cannot wait to hear them!

Happy Decorating

8 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday: First Impressions

  1. The Vacala’s could not be happier!
    Love these ideas already! You will be such a beautiful bride and it looks like it will also be a wonderful wedding! Can’t wait!❤️❤️❤️

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